17 Double Hung Window Replacement Project

Craig AOct 2016
Hudson, NH


Replaced 17 double hung windows in a nice suburban home in Hudson, NH. Windows were installed from the exterior so our customer did not have to worry about replacing any of the interior molding. What a difference those beautiful new white exterior vinyl frames make -- talk about increased curb appeal! The installation crew completed 17 windows in less than 5 hours and the customer was delighted on how easy & flawless the entire process was.


AWESOME, I can't get over how EASY and painless it was to get great replacement windows for our house with Renoviso. The website is slick and simple to price things out on your own. The installation was done as planned and the crew was great. The windows look fantastic and are really high quality. Everyone from Renoviso I came into contact with were very professional and helpful. Response times were fantastic. And, the price was great compared to the quotes I had gotten from other window companies who came to our house for the "dog and pony show." I would highly recommend going with Renoviso first, and save yourself the time and money.