26 Double Hung Windows Replacement Project

Melvin D
Beverly, MA


We replaced all 26 double hung windows in a large home in Beverly, MA with beautiful, Energy Star certified replacement windows. The new windows let in so much more light, keeping the house bright year-round!


Was getting a bit fed up with process of seeking bids for this work -- not only was scheduling bids with folks a pain in the butt, but got real tired of the various selling pitches and annoying follow-up calls, especially at beginning when we were still trying to figure out if this was the year and whether/how to deal with MassSave process.

Came across Renoviso web site when trying to figure out how to measure windows for more bids, and was immediately impressed with their web site and their unique online approach. Follow up was low pressure and Brian could not have been more professional and courteous -- a major plus given our recent experiences with various possible suppliers. He was patient as we learned and worked thru the MassSave process (since they are relatively new, this was first run thru that process as well), and when it was time to do on site measurements, etc, Brian and installer were efficient and did not push h****** the sales pitch (something we really appreciated). Brian had sample windows to show us and explained our options, and the final bid was extremely reasonable. [Prior bids had been as low as 11-12000 (which we believe was based on low quality products and perhaps part of bait and switch tactic) and as high as 24,000 (which, of course, would be lowered if we ordered immediately...)] In short, Renoviso was clearly the best option and the easiest to work with. We finally processed the MassSave paperwork and got a no interest loan for a good portion of the project (we more than qualified given the age and condition of the windows), and set installation for August 11. (By then we were ready to go with the project even if MassSave did not work out.)

As the install date approached, however, we had to request a delay due to a medical emergency and Brian was more than understanding and cooperative, shifting install date a full month. The two-day installation went smoothly, and we are into our third week of use. Big test will be the winter, of course, but so far there is noticeable reduction in noise -- especially noteworthy since we have new housing construction going on across the street.

We're so impressed with the work on this project that we are already contemplating using Renoviso for other projects. Brian mentioned they are getting into the flooring replacement business as well, and we are looking forward to working with them again since that is high on our list.

Again, VERY PLEASED -- straight A's from us.