Winter window replacement doesn’t work. It’s too late, right? Homeowners ask us this regularly this time of year. They worry cold air will get in or the window won’t be installed right.

We get it… you look at the calendar and then you look outside. Then you look at your old drafty windows and then you look outside. You think “I’m stuck for another winter.”

But you don’t have to fear doing a winter window replacement project.

Renoviso’s window installation process helps us be quick and efficient -- minimizing the exposure to the elements. Most of our window installations are done in a single day and our winter process ensures the same quality and workmanship as any other time of year. 


Window Replacement in Winter: Top reasons to do it


Comfort. Homeowners who don’t “wait for next year” will enjoy a more comfortable home this year and this winter. Fact, not opinion.   


Shorter wait time. Both window contractors and window manufacturers usually experience a lull in the winter in areas with harsh winters (like New England!). Again, this is primarily due to a big misconception. What does that mean for our homeowners? Less waiting and faster turnaround times. Huge. 


Affordability. Look for more aggressive seasonal discounts or promo codes. It’s a low volume season because of the misconception and sometimes that means better incentives from window contractors. 


Lowers monthly heat bills. Sure there’s a long payback period for a window replacement project. But homeowners who update their windows in the early winter will immediately benefit from lower monthly heating bills. 


Renoviso's Winter Installation:


Most installations take 1 day. Sometimes it’s less! So you’re not looking at a days- or weeks-long period of installation time. 


We block off rooms. To prevent heat loss, our expert installers block off each room from the rest of your home. Then, it’s a matter of installing one window at a time to minimize exposure to the cold. 


< 5 Minute exposure time. We take out the old window and place in the new window with less than 5 minutes average exposure time to the outside elements. 


Top quality adhesives and extended set times. We use high-quality, silicone-based adhesives and extend the set time to ensure there is no compromise for a winter installation. This is a super important area good contractors know can be critical year round, be especially in the winter.  

We're homeowners too. So you can ask us anything about winter window installation. Start by talking with one of our Project Consultants by calling 617-848-9610