Free renovation quotes -- Contractors often promote them, and customers often request them.  In some ways this seems totally appropriate.  After all, as a homeowner, how do I know if I can afford to do a project until I have an idea of cost! Getting multiple proposals also seems smart because I know I can get better value with some contractors than others.  I certainly don’t want to pay anything for work that I might not even do.

But now that I’ve been on the “contractor” side of this transaction for a few years, let me tell you, there is no such thing as a free quote and the entire process is both wasteful and outdated.  

  • In the traditional contractor model, the most expensive person in the entire company is providing these “free quotes.”  They are either a salesperson or the owner and their time needs to be paid for.  Who is paying?  You are. 


  • You are also paying for your time getting all these free quotes.  Taking time out of your weekend or leaving work early to meet at your house multiple times might not cost you cash, but your time is valuable and who wants to spend it like that?


  • Lastly, you are also paying for things you don’t see.  One is the free quotes the contractor/salesperson provided to customers who decided to not move forward with their project.  Another is all the time the spent after the in-home visit calculating all of the costs (labor, material, permits, disposal, administrative fees etc.) in order to provide customers with an accurate price.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking.  That might all be true, but it still doesn’t help the basic fact that you need to get a quote and the only way to get it is by having a contractor come to your home.  


But is it?  Well, I wouldn’t be writing this article if that were.


Enter Renoviso. 


What we figured out is that 90% of a project like windows, roofing, or doors is totally predictable from a cost perspective.  To prove this, we created a website where any homeowner can go and configure a quote in just a few minutes and, guess what, it is pretty damn accurate.  It certainly gives homeowners a chance to look at different products and compare pricing.  


So if you are wondering how Renoviso keeps our prices low, that is one big part.  A quote that is as free as it gets starts here.


Or call our Project Consultants to get a custom quote on your project in minutes: 617-848-9610