Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It plays the biggest role in keeping the elements out, so when it needs repair, why would you want to short change it?


Your roof is quite literally the shelter for your home so it’s vitally important to keep it healthy.  


Most homeowners don’t have a lot of experience dealing with roof replacement - because generally you only need to replace your roof once or twice during your lifetime. Many roof contractors take advantage of this.  


Sometimes, contractors will offer an extremely low bid to beat out other companies, and since homeowners usually only have to deal with this once, they’ll jump on the low price. These contractors may also promise a special ‘spot repair’ deal, where they’ll agree to only repair parts of your roof, and not the whole thing, for a ‘special’ price.  


Promising a special deal, or low rate, can pressure homeowners into signing a contract on the spot, or else the deal will disappear - according to the contractor. (Warning, warning…cue the flashing red lights...) 


Never let a roof contractor pressure you to only do spot repair if it's time for a full replacement. There is immense value and peace of mind in replacing your entire roof. It will pay off more in the long term, because you won’t have to continue to spot repair through the years.  


Take a look at our article on whether you should replace or just repair your roof, so you are armed with more information during this process.  


Spot repairs can be what your roof needs, but it's more likely that if your roof has some issues, it needs a full replacement. We’ve worked with people who have really regretted working with other contractors for spot repair, because once bad weather comes, the roof can’t stand up to it. So, be wary of roof contractors who give a special deal for spot repairs versus full replacement.  


When you do decide what roofing contractor to work with, be sure that they are accredited, and have good reviews. 



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