As one of the oldest cities in America, Boston is famous for historical landmarks such as Faneuil Hall, John Hancock Tower and the Freedom Trail. Noted architects such as Frederick Law Olmsted have made their mark here, gracing the city with projects like the Arnold Arboretum. While the skyline may be renowned, the interiors of the city’s residences and commercial buildings are equally as stunning. Thanks to the creativity and talent of Boston’s interior designers, a tour of Boston residences would be as riveting as any “sightseeing tour” of the city’s iconic attractions.

In any industry, there are rising stars and leaders, and the interior design field is no exception. We’ve researched and curated a list of the 15 best interior designers in Boston. Listed below (in no particular order) are the top talents of the region. 


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    1. Susan Stacy

Susan worked in some of Boston’s most noted design and architecture firms before co-founding Gauthier-Stacy. The firm’s work has been featured in New England Home, Design New England, and Coastal Living, to name a few publications. In recognition of her achievements, Susan was awarded the 2007 Presidential Citation by the New England Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. She earned her BFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and studied architecture at the University of Copenhagen. 




    2. Lisa Tharp

A rising talent on the Boston design scene, Lisa’s design philosophy has been described by Design New England as driven by “spaces and people rather than a particular style”. Her boutique interior architecture and design firm boasts a proprietary design process that uncovers and expresses each client’s personal dreams of home. Lisa’s lifelong passion for interior design is evident in her work, and her switch from a career in advertising and video programming production to design was validated when she landed a magazine cover with her first project.  


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    3. Frank Roop

Frank applies the principles of design he learned during his first career in fine men’s specialty store retailing, and creates original environments by finding antique and vintage furnishings in his travels nationwide and overseas. He feels that anyone can create their own style with a little help. Frank’s talent and philosophy have earned him numerous distinctions. In 2004, he was named one of the top 120 designers in America by House Beautiful and in 2011, Architectural Digest France listed him as one of the 80 best designers. Most recently, Frank was named the 2013 Best of Boston Interior Designer. 


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    4. Andra Birkerts

Andra is the principal of her eponymous firm, which was recently named 2015 Best of Boston Home Interior Designer for The Kid’s Room. The firm’s work has been featured in New England Home, Design New England and Coastal Living. Andra’s European heritage has been an important influence on her work and her creative solutions have been described as “so Andra”, although each project is tailored to the client’s individual tastes and desires. Andra earned her BFA from the University of Michigan and an MFA in painting from the Nova Scotia College of Art.  


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    5. Meichi Peng

Meichi is known for her eclectic vision and modern sensibility, which has earned her the distinction of being one of Boston’s most sought-after interior designers. Meichi opened Peng Furnishings in 2009, a home boutique located in the South End featuring museum-quality pieces from dealers around the world. In 2010, Meichi was named a Five Under Forty Designer by New England Magazine and Best of Boston Modern Designer. That same year, Met Home Magazine listed Meichi as a Rising Star.  



    6. Polly Lewis and Maribeth Brostowski 

Polly founded Lewis Interiors in 1997, after starting her career in the design departments of premier publications like Architectural Digest. She also worked in the North American office of the legendary Italian designer Renzo Mongiardino. Maribeth has co-owned the firm for the past 15 years, helping the firm to grow into one of the area’s top design firms through her skills in business development and design. Maribeth previously worked in the fashion industry as senior vice president of merchandising and sales for Sun Apparel. The firm was named the 2012 Best of Boston Interior Designer and has been featured in local design publications. 



    7. Kathie Chrisicos

Kathie is the president of Chrisicos Interiors, a high end residential interior design firm with offices in Boston, Wellesley and New York. She also has a Boston studio, where she offers a mix of new-to-Boston pieces, luxury brands, and a “Custom by Chrisicos” line of furnishings and home goods. Her design philosophy revolves around customer service, and providing professionalism, luxury and value to her clients. Kathie is a past-president of the International Furnishings and Design Association and has appeared as a speaker at design conferences throughout New England.  


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    8. Liz Caan

A celebrated interior designer since 2005, Liz Caan's signature play of pattern, color and texture has given some of Boston's most distinctive and historic homes renewed vitality and charm. Her full-service interior design firm, Liz Caan & Co, specializes in creative solutions that honor tradition with modern sensibility. Her work has been featured in national publications including Luxe Interiors and Better Homes & Gardens, amongst many others. She was named Best of Boston Interior Designer in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.  


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    9. Susanne Lichten Csongor

The founder of SLC Interiors, Susanne has over 20 years of experience in high-end residential design. Susanne earned her Master of Science in interior design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she had the privilege of serving as a teacher assistant to Dr. Arnold Friedman (founder of the Interior Design Program at Pratt Institute). She also studied decorative art and architecture in Paris with Parsons School of Art and Design. Susanne has served as an adjunct professor at the New England School of Art and Design, teaching color theory and interior design.  


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    10. Annsley McCaleer 

A native Southerner known for her “optimistic style”, Annsley attributes the warmth and personality in her work to being raised in Tennessee and Texas. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Annsley worked for Ralph Harvard Inc. in New York City and Carter & Co. in Boston. In 2004, she opened Annsley Interiors and has been recognized by those in the trade. Domino Magazine named her one of the Domino 10: Decorators on the Verge in 2007 and Traditional Home Magazine listed her as one of “20 Young Designers We’ve Got Our Eye On.”   


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    11. Josh Linder

Josh, along with partners Tom Egan and Rebecca Abrams, is the creative force behind Evolve Residential. The firm’s new boutique, located next to their South End Studio and inspired by the shops of Paris’ Left Bank, was featured in Architectural Digest. In 2015, Josh made New England Home’s 5 Under 40 list. The magazine has described Josh’s work as “tasteful, sophisticated, and exciting.”  



    12. Dee Elms

A leader in the Boston design community, Dee’s work has been showcased in publications like New England Home, Design New England and Renovation Style. As the founder of the multi-disciplinary practice of Elms Interior Design, Dee calls upon a network of talented partners to bring each client’s vision to life. She listens closely to her clients’ aspirations, translating their ideals into beautiful and functional spaces that inspire everyday. 


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    13. Jean Verbridge

An industry leader, Jean is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and International Interior Design Association. She has served as president of the Massachusetts Interior Design Coalition. As principal of Siemasko + Verbridge, Jean brings an unusual breadth of experience ranging from residential to large commercial and corporate projects. Her approach to interior design as an extension of architecture leads to refined and imaginative conceptual designs.  


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    14. Paula Hamel Daher

Between a bachelor’s degree in business and studying design on a master’s level, Paula had all the skills she needed to successfully launch and grow her own design firm in 1995. As the firm’s principal creative director, her combination of study, experience and international travel are applied to each project. Paula always has design on the mind and her happiness is reliant on being involved in some form of design project. The firm’s work can be seen in Design New England, New England Home and Boston Magazine.  


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    15. Charles Spada

Charles established his self-titled interior design firm in 1980, after leaving a successful career designing women’s apparel in New York City and Boston. Charles was inducted into the New England Home Hall of Fame in 2007 and has received numerous industry accolades over the years. He was voted one of House Beautiful’s 101 Favorite Designers and received Traditional Home’s Outstanding Designer award. His work has appeared in national and international publications such as Elle Décor, Veranda and Architectural Digest Italy. 


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