Nearly every house has a front door (does yours not? Let us know - we can help). While a lot of thought is often put into the material and style of the door, color sometimes gets overlooked. This is unfortunate, as front door color is a key design aspect that can make a big impact in terms of bringing your home’s exterior color scheme together and making your house feel like a home. While every homeowner will have different preferences based on personal taste and the house’s architectural style, we’ve ranked our top ten front door color choices below to get your inspiration juices flowing.   


10. Purple

exterior purple front entry door




















Purple is often cast aside as a potential front door color due to its brightness, but for some homes it can be an alluring color choice that makes a fun and unexpected addition.When done right, it looks striking (just make sure that if you live in a historical district you aren’t violating any color codes!) 


9. Orange  

exterior red front entry door

























When paired with darker or neutral colors, the stunning pop of color is second only to a yellow door. Orange, like purple, ranks high on the list of overlooked colors, but don’t underestimate its spark or its ability to evoke warm, autumnal vibes. 


8. Yellow 

exterior yellow front entry door





















Marrying particularly well with darker, neutral colors, yellow’s pop is second to none. A yellow front door can make a sunny contrast to an otherwise reserved exterior and provide a compelling focal point for your home. 


7. Gray 

exterior black front entry door























Gray is too often seen as a dark or boring color, but we think that its elegance opens a world of decorating opportunities. Gray can fit with classic and modern: it’s not attention-grabbing like some other options on this list, but perfect for understated elegance.  


6. White 

exterior white front entry door
























Like gray, white doesn’t overtly draw attention, but is a popular choice for front doors. As a neutral color, it can match nicely with a variety of exterior color schemes and styles. The only downside is that white can look dirty faster than other colors, but nothing a little cleaner can’t quickly fix! 


5. Green 

exterior green front entry door























Green’s earthy and natural feel is what makes it number five on our list. Green pairs best with neutral colors, and has the ability to either be the first thing you see when you look at the house, or a hue that calmly blends with the rest of the exterior - the range of green shades available makes it an extremely versatile color. 


4. Blue 

exterior turquoise front entry door























Blue, like green, is a highly versatile color. Options ranging from deep navy, to royal blue, to cornflower, to periwinkle offer endless options to match your home’s personality. Blue also has a more traditional feel than some of the other colors on this list, which is good for homeowners looking for something that is more classic than purple or orange, but not as subdued as white or grey.  


3. Red  

exterior maroon front entry door



















Red has the distinction of being a classic non-neutral door color. When paired with darker colors, red adds a particularly eye-catching pop of color to the front of your house. It can also add a dash of warmth and vibrancy to exteriors that are a cool light neutral, like pale gray or blue. 


2. Wood 

exterior brown front entry door





















Though we do not traditionally think of “wood” as a color, it’s gorgeous and organic appearance (with a variety of stains to suit personal taste and home design) make it a compelling choice for your front door, and wood finishes can work well with traditional or modern architecture. One could probably make a convincing argument that wood is the new black! We might disagree with you, though, because our favorite front door color is... 


1. Black  

exterior dark front entry door























There’s a reason your LBD (Little Black Dress) is a classic - it goes with everything and can be worn for almost any occasion. Black front doors fall into the same category of utility and elegance - they are a go-to color even when you’re not sure what will go well with the rest of your house’s exterior. Black doors match everything, and have a classic style that will look great for years to come.  And unlike white doors, they don’t show dirt quickly. This inky shade takes the cake on our top ten list.  



Front Door Colors and You


Front doors make a statement, and color is a big part of that. While often a relatively small piece in the facade of a home, front doors are a visual focal point and give you the opportunity to really let your personality shine. What’s your dream front door color? Try experimenting with our entry door quote builder - some of our doors have 28 color options! 


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