It’s difficult to know you’re getting the best value from any contractor, let alone one that won’t or can’t be upfront with you.  


Even with so much information at our fingertips, it’s hard to know who is truly being transparent and giving you the best price and the best quality.  


It’s tempting to go with the lowest price for something, but a lot of the time, when you work with a contractor who gives you a very low price, it’s probably too good to be true.  


Unfortunately, with some contractors, costs appear after installation starts. You may have been happy with the initial price, only to see costs will grow far beyond your budget.  


I experienced this recently when finding a cross-country moving company. This is another service where value differs greatly between companies. I was tempted to go with the lowest priced option - but after doing more research on the company - I realized if I had gone with them, I would pay over $600 more than the initial price once the move was done.  


In the end, I went with a company with extremely transparent pricing, amazing customer service, and who were willing to answer all my questions before and during the move.  


When you are doing your next home improvement project, be wary of contractors who can’t or won’t answer all of your questions. Especially about labor and material pricing. If they can’t be transparent about their pricing - it’s a huge red flag.  


A common renovation “bait and switch” scam is where contractors give a low quote, but once the job begins, unexpected costs and problems suddenly arise. Some contractors may claim the increase is the cost of materials, or they’ll find damage that wasn’t initially apparent. Sometimes, these contractors will start a project, and then demand extra payments or they won’t finish the job. 


There are common additional costs with renovation projects - and at Renoviso, we work hard to be upfront about what those costs may be to make sure we can stay within your budget.  


My advice to homeowners who are still looking: yes, take the time you need - but make sure to talk with the companies and have them answer your questions, make sure they’re accredited, and have good reviews - before you decide on the lowest priced option. It might not be the best option. 


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