Wood windows offer a unique combination of elegant wood interior frame and exceptional energy efficiency. Renoviso installs wood windows from several leading manufacturers including Andersen, Harvey and Pella. Most wood windows have exterior cladding systems that are either vinyl - or aluminum - based composites which provide increased durability and protection from the elements without compromising on beauty. 


The interior of wood windows can be painted or stained to show off the natural wood grain beauty and feel. Wood windows are available in a variety of unique shapes, sizes, grid patterns, and exterior colors. While often at a higher price point than other window frame materials, wood windows are timeless and can help preserve or enhance the style and beauty of any home.


Renoviso’s three primary lines of wood windows are Harvey Majesty windows, Andersen 400 Series windows, and Pella Architect windows. So...what’s the difference between these three offerings? 


We’ve laid out some high-level guidance below with universally-loved coffee beverages as a (delicious) analogy for our three different wood window product lines. 


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Harvey Majesty Windows

Regular Coffee (Hot or Iced!)

Harvey Majesty Windows are a great option for customers who want the quality and beauty of wood windows at a reasonable price - think a great cup of coffee, with single-source coffee beans and the option to add as much or as little cream and sugar as you’d like. 

Renoviso offers the Harvey Majesty windows in seven different styles and five exterior cladding color choices, giving you plenty of options to design your window to suit your home. Harvey Majesty windows come standard with an aluminum clad exterior for superior durability. 

Our standard Harvey Majesty windows includes double pane glass with Argon gas and dual Low-E coating for an efficient air and noise barrier. For even more energy efficiency, we offer an affordable triple pane option with Low-E coating, Krypton gas and foam filled frames for maximum efficiency. Privacy and tempered glass are available for one or both sashes. 

Additional options to customize hardware, lift style, glass type, and gridded window panes are all available, providing ample flexibility for customers looking to install Harvey wood windows in their homes.


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Andersen 400 Series Windows


Andersen 400 Series windows, Andersen’s most popular window series, offer additional customization options and more detailed craftsmanship at a slightly higher price point than Harvey wood windows. To extend our coffee analogy, these would probably be our “latte” offering - a somewhat pricier espresso drink with tons of options that perhaps you’ll add a flavor shot to, or substitute regular milk for a plant-based alternative. 

Andersen 400 Series windows are available in five different styles, and offer seven different exterior colors as well as four different interior frame finishes. Andersen wood windows come with Andersen’s famed Fibrex exterior, which is a vinyl-based exterior cladding system, to protect them from the elements and reduce required exterior maintenance. The Andersen 400 Series wood windows are generally a good option for those with historical requirements or looks to maintain and for higher-end homes as well.   

Both the Andersen 400 Series Woodwright and the Andersen 400 Series Tilt Wash window include double pane high performance Low E glass, or you can upgrade to an ENERGY STAR certified glass package. As with the Harvey Majesty windows, privacy and tempered glass options are also available for both sashes. The Andersen wood windows offer more extensive lift options and hardware finish colors than both Harvey wood windows and Pella wood windows. 


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Pella Architect Windows

Mocha Chip Soy Macchiato with Extra Whip, No Foam 

Pella Architect windows are our most customizable line of wood windows, which make them a great choice for homes requiring a “high degree of craftsmanship” (particularly historical or high-end homes). Pella Architect windows are the mocha chip soy macchiato with extra whip, no foam, of our coffee shop menu - for a home that demands uniquely designed windows, these are a great fit (and will also present the highest price tag of Renoviso’s wood window options).  

Pella Architect windows come in five different styles and offer a whopping 28 colors for exterior cladding plus 13 options for interior frame finishing, which is a significant increase in options over both Harvey Majesty and Andersen 400 series wood windows and offers the highest degree of customizability. 

In terms of glass, our Pella wood windows allow you to choose between Integral Light Technology, Removable Interior, and Grids-Between-Glass options. The Pella Architect windows have slightly fewer hardware finish colors than the Harvey Majesty and Andersen 400 Series windows, so this is something to bear in mind when going through the design process.  



Wood Window Takeaways

Renoviso offers exceptional wood windows for every taste and budget - whichever option you choose, you are making a great investment in the beauty and comfort of your home for years to come (and for more on choosing windows, see our additional posts on choosing the right window frame here and this wood vs vinyl window comparison).

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