Best Soundproof Curtains in 2022

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noise reducing curtains

As people are spending a lot more time indoors, you might be looking for ways to reduce noise in your living space. Whether you have noisy neighbors or want to create a home studio, soundproof curtains can be a great way to absorb sound, keeping your home nice and quiet.

Let’s talk about the best soundproof curtains for your home.

Do you have a home theater you are trying to soundproof? If so, check out our guide to the best home theater blackout curtains.

Best Curtain Materials For Soundproofing

Although curtains cannot fully soundproof a room, they can significantly reduce noise levels. Soundproof curtains absorb internal echoes, but only if they are made from the right materials.

When you purchase great soundproof curtains, your house will be noticeably quieter. With so many competing brands, here’s what to look out for when buying noise-reducing curtains.

What To Look For in Curtains For Noise Reduction


Normal curtains should match the length and width of a window. With soundproof curtains, you need a little more coverage.

Soundproof curtains should be a few inches wider and longer than the window on which they’re installed. If they fit the window perfectly, sound waves could easily escape through the cracks of the window.

Make sure to have as much coverage as possible. The longer the curtain is, the more sound it can absorb.

Fabric Layers & Weave

Most soundproof curtains are made with fibrous materials which are effective in absorbing sounds. These have a soft or porous surface that takes in the energy of sound waves. Although these will not completely stop sounds from escaping, they can significantly reduce noise.

Generally, noise-reducing curtains are made from polyester, suede, or velvet. These all have similar similar fibers, so the decision is based on personal preference. Each of these materials is great for insulation, effectively blocking sound.

If you need more insulation, try thermaweave or thermalayer curtains. These are made with extra layers of fibers that efficiently reduce noise. They also provide more insulation for your home so that you can stay comfortable in different seasons.


It’s important to have grommets at the top of your soundproof curtains. Regular curtains will have rings that are attached above the top of the curtain, but soundproof curtains have these rings, or grommets, installed inside the top of the curtain.

With grommets, soundproof curtains can extend to the top of any window. There won’t be any sound escaping from the top of the curtain.

It also creates a more aesthetic look which goes well with any home decor. Instead of seeing rings at the top of a curtain, they are more disguised within the material.

Blackout Vs. Regular Curtains

Soundproof curtains will typically be able to block sunlight as well. Reducing noise is easily achieved through dense layers of fabric, which can also reduce light. If the reviews for a soundproof curtain claim that it is too thin to block sunlight, it most likely will not do a great job in reducing noise.

Reducing noise and light go hand in hand. A product is usually great at being soundproof and light-proof or fails at achieving either one.

Best Noise Reducing / Cancelling Curtains

1. NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains


The NICETOWN High-End thermal curtains are effective in removing two times more sound than normal curtains. With two layers of triple-weave blackout fabric, these block sound and light, making your home comfortable and quiet.

The top of the curtains features silver grommets which make this product easy to install and move as needed. The curtains themselves are available in a variety of colors which will match any interior design.

With these curtains, you can get great sleep even during the day. They cut down on noise, light, and balance room temperature. You won’t be distracted by noisy neighbors, heat, or sunlight.

NICETOWN thermal curtains are also eco-friendly because they contain no formaldehyde or other chemicals. You can safely machine wash them and won’t have to worry about any health risks. As a #1 bestseller on Amazon, these curtains are a great option.


  • 2 layers of triple-weave polyester
  • Variety of sizes
  • Noise reduction, thermal insulation, and 100% blackout
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 24 different colors

We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • Thick material that is soft to the touch
  • Blocks most of incoming light and muffles sound

We Don’t Like

  • Some light seeps through the edges of the curtain
  • They become wrinkled in the mail, so you may need to steam them.
  • Some reviewers received curtains with visual stains and dark marks.

2. LEMOMO Blackout Curtains

LEMOMO BK001-5284-BK

If you’re looking for blackout curtains that won’t break the bank, LEMOMO blackout curtains are a great option. These curtains are a highly-rated product on Amazon, being Amazon’s choice for window curtains.

Because they are made of 100% polyester fabric, these curtains are smooth and soft. They are available in many different colors and sizes, so they will not look out of place in your room.

LEMOMO used a triple weave fabric that reduces noise and blocks sunlight. After installation, your house will be much more comfortable. You might even save energy because of its insulation.

Being one of the cheapest options on this list, LEMOMO curtains have a great value for their low price.


  • Durable, triple weave 100% polyester fabric
  • 100% blackout and reduces noise
  • Machine washable
  • Over 20 different color options
  • A variety of size options

We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • Blocks the majority of light and sound
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Not as thick as other curtains

We Don’t Like

  • Leaves small gaps around the window where light can escape
  • Color may not be the exact shade as expected
  • The grommets let in extra light
  • Lighter colors may be slightly sheer

3. HLC.ME Paris Paisley Decorative Curtains


Not many soundproof curtains come in unique prints. When you want to avoid the standard solid colors of other brands, you can turn to the HLC.ME Paris Paisley Decorative Curtains. These soundproof curtains are available in many different colors, and each is a unique paisley pattern.

You no longer have to buy boring minimalist curtains just to have your room soundproofed. These patterned curtains are as effective as other brands. They block light, sound, heat, and cold.

Although you’re getting unique curtains that serve multiple purposes, they aren’t too expensive. They are under $50 on Amazon, which makes them a must-buy if you are tired of all soundproof curtains being solid colors.


  • Available in 7 different colors and patterns
  • Different size options
  • Blocks light and dampens sound
  • Machine washable
  • 100% money-back guarantee

We Like

  • The colors and patterns go well with home decor.
  • Quality material that is soft to the touch
  • Lighter than other blackout curtains
  • Affordable

We Don’t Like

  • Thinner than most blackout curtains, so they won’t block 100% of sunlight
  • Colors may not be as vibrant as pictured
  • The thinness also may not contribute effectively to thermal regulation or noise reduction.
  • May fade from sun exposure

4. Lark Manor – Blackout Curtains

For a sleek, modern style, Lark Manor blackout curtains may be the right choice. With over 30 different color options, you can easily decorate your windows according to your taste.

Unlike some blackout curtains, these were designed to be silky soft. You have to move curtains aside every day, so it is beneficial to have some that have a great texture.

Lark Manor blackout curtains have a similar construction to other brands. They are made with a triple-weaved polyester that efficiently filters light and reduces noise. There is also an extra lining to offer extra protection of privacy.


  • Triple-weave polyester fabric
  • Available in 30 different colors
  • Comes in 2 curtain panels with tiebacks
  • Filters light, heat, and noise
  • Machine washable

We Like

  • The colors are exactly as pictured.
  • Effective in blocking sunlight
  • Smooth, soft fabric that feels high-quality

We Don’t Like

  • No warranty
  • May arrive with wrinkles that need to be steamed
  • Darkens the room, but may not be 100% blackout

5. Laurel Foundry – Blackout Curtains

If you are looking for a high-quality blackout curtain that will be durable, you can’t go wrong with the Laurel Foundry blackout curtains. Made from a velvet fabric that is resistant to fading and stains, this curtain will last a long time.

These curtains are available in 25 different neutral colors. Because of this, it is very easy to find one that matches your style. The color options are all solids, so they would be perfect in a modern home with a minimalist interior design.

Although this product is one of the most expensive on this list, many reviewers found the quality to be worth the price. The curtains have a high-quality fabric that is soft, durable, and pleasing to the eye.


  • Velvet material that is fade and stain resistant
  • Blocks sunlight and sound
  • Regulates temperature
  • The header allows hook and ring inserts.
  • Over 20 color options

We Like

  • Soft, high-quality fabric
  • Efficient in keeping out light and heat
  • Three different ways to hang

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Color may not be as pictured
  • May need to be steamed before installation
  • No grommets

6. TM Soundproofing Window Panel

Sound and light can leak through windows very easily, even when you have soundproof curtains. For more window coverage, consider the TM soundproofing window panel.

There are different design options based on your needs. If you want a panel that just blocks sound, there is a clear window panel. For reducing noise and light, there is a vinyl padded panel. This is insulated, which keeps your room free from unwanted sounds or sunlight.

Commercial velcro is sewn around the perimeter of the window panel. You’ll receive a roll of additional velcro to attach around the edges of your window for easy installation.

All you’ll need to install this panel is a tape measure, pencil, and scissors. Measure 2 and a quarter-inches around all sides of the window. Use a pencil to mark these dimensions. This will be the size of the window panel. You can easily order a panel that fits your window.

Once you receive your panel, all you have to do is clean the surface around the window, dry it, and attach the velcro. The TM soundproofing window panel will adhere to this velcro, making the conditions of your room much quieter and more private.


  • A variety of colors, including a clear option
  • Size is customizable
  • Absorbs sound and blocks sunlight
  • Applied with velcro to make a strong seal
  • Grommets which allow the panel to be lifted

We Like

  • Easy installation process
  • Creates a better seal than curtains, so it efficiently blocks light and sound waves
  • Thick, high-quality vinyl material

We Don’t Like

  • You have to send the exact measurements of your window for a perfect fit.
  • Not very visually attractive
  • More expensive than any other soundproof curtain

Best Home Fashion Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains need to be effective in reducing noise, but they also should be visually pleasing. Although a few brands sacrifice aesthetics for effectiveness, many options would look great in any home.

Many soundproof curtains are only available in solid colors. This is great for people with a minimalist interior design, but might be boring for others.

If you want a soundproof curtain that has a unique design, the HLC.ME Paris Paisley Decorative Curtains are the best choice.

These curtains have a variety of patterns and colors that are bold and vibrant. They would be perfect in a home with an eclectic design. This brand is the only one on this list with patterned designs.

For fans of neutral colors, there are more options. NICETOWN, LEMOMO, Lark Manor, and Laurel Foundry all have soundproofing curtains in a variety of solid shades. You can find any color to match the current design of your home. Each of these curtains has an elegant, modern aesthetic that you won’t regret purchasing.

Soundproof Curtains For a Home Studio

If you want to soundproof your home for a home studio, NICETOWN or Laurel Foundry would be the best choices. Although no curtains will completely block sound output, they will do a great job of deadening internal echoes.

NICETOWN soundproof curtains are cost-effective but will be incredibly effective in dampening sound. For designing a room for podcasting, you can’t go wrong with these curtains. Their dual-layer design absorbs sound, avoiding the hassle of getting noise complaints from the neighbors.

Since velvet fabrics work well in absorbing sound waves, the Laurel Foundry soundproof curtains would be a great fit in a home studio. This high-quality fabric will significantly reduce noise and increase your level of privacy.

Although it isn’t the most visually pleasing method, the TM soundproofing window panel is highly reviewed in its ability to soundproof a room. Because it is heavily insulated and leaves no gaps around a window, it can be more effective than soundproof curtains.

Soundproof Curtains For Doors

Windows are not the only areas where sound often escapes. A door can be a problem area when soundproofing a room. Fortunately, you can use similar soundproofing methods for windows and doors.

All of the soundproof curtains listed above can also be used to soundproof doors. There may be additional steps during the installation process, though.

Windows usually already have curtain rods installed. When hanging up soundproof curtains onto a window, you simply slide the grommets onto the curtain rod. For doors, you’ll have to install a rod above the door.

Once you install a curtain rod above a door, you can use soundproof curtains in the same way you would on a window. You can also install hooks to keep the curtains pulled back during the day. When you go to sleep, simply draw the curtains across the door. This can significantly reduce the amount of noise that enters or escapes the room.

Noise Reducing Blackout Curtains

You might want a soundproof curtain that also is effective in blocking light. Especially if you sleep during the day, you’ll want to avoid any annoying disruptions.

Usually, curtains are either better at blocking light or reducing noise. Even though it is rare to find a brand that does both, it is possible.

For 100% blackout and noise reduction, we’d recommend the TM soundproofing window panel. Most soundproof curtains won’t cover the full window and will allow light to escape through the edges. This window panel fully encompasses the window, ensuring that you get a dark, quiet place to sleep.

NICETOWN and Laurel Foundry are the best curtains on this list for blocking light. Although some light inevitably can escape around the edges of the curtains, the majority of sunlight does not get into the room.

Where Else Can I Buy Soundproof Curtains

All of the previously listed soundproof curtains are sold on prominent retailer websites like Amazon or Wayfair. For a more personalized experience, you can order custom curtains.

Smaller companies like Quiet Curtains can provide high-quality curtains that are tailored to your specifications. You work directly with the manufacturer to ensure that you receive the design you’re envisioning.

These smaller businesses have advanced knowledge because they specialize in sound absorption. They often work with sound scientists to create the most effective soundproof curtains. Quiet Curtains have a soundproof curtain that blocks 15-20 dB, reduces noise by 60%, and can create a custom curtain to suit your needs.

Soundproof Curtains Price

Custom soundproof curtains are usually more expensive than normal soundproof curtains. Most of the products on this list were under $50, but a custom curtain could start at around $100.

These custom curtains cost twice as much because they are hand-crafted, high-quality, and customized to fit your space.

Final Thoughts

You won’t have to listen to noisy neighbors for much longer after installing soundproof curtains. Fortunately, many different brands effectively absorb sound and also block sunlight. With any of these products, you can make your home a peaceful place without sacrificing your interior design.

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