Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning Window

Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning Window

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  • Dedicated project manager
  • Removal & disposal
  • 10/20 year transferable warranty
  • 20 year workmanship guarantee
  • Financing available

About the Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning Window

A Clad Ultimate awning window from Marvin is a beautiful addition to any home. Featuring a narrow jamb, the Marvin Clad Ultimate Replacement Awning window can easily be installed into an existing window frame for a seamless window replacement. As is the case with most awning windows, the Marvin Clad Ultimate Replacement Awning can be used on its own or as a complement to casement or picture windows. The window operates easily and is popular in living rooms and kitchens.

Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning Window Review

Awning windows have hinges at the top and open outward with a crank allowing them to catch breezes from any direction. Often times, homeowners will place an awning window above or below other windows to add architectural style, light, and ventilation to a room. Awning windows are also popular above or below windows that don’t open like a picture window.

Marvin Awning Window Price

The Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning Window has a base installed price of $979. The total price may increase or decrease based on selected attributes during the planning process.

Pros and Cons: Marvin Awning Window

  • Can easily be installed into an existing window frame for a seamless window replacement
  • Lets in light and provides better airflow
    • Provides the ability to let in fresh air even during light rain
  • Can be used separately or combined with casement and picture windows
  • Low E argon gas filled for energy efficiency
  • Sizing sets the industry standard for maximum visual impact and flexibility
  • Available in dark colors, popular in modern homes
  • Slightly higher price point than a basic vinyl awning window
  • Limited range of movement compared to double hung

Colors, Finishes, & Options

  • Clad Ultimate Insert Double Hung features a wood interior and a low-maintenance, extruded aluminum-clad exterior
    • High performance PVDF fluoropolymer paint finish that offers superior resistance to fading and chalking and meets the toughest AAMA 2605 standard
    • Choose from 16 exterior cladding colors, including three pearlescent finishes
    • Wood options including Pine, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Cherry and more
  • Several glass options including insulated glass and tripane
  • Marvin's custom capabilities allow us to create almost any divided lite pattern you can dream up. Divided lites can feature an array of muntin widths, unique muntin profiles, rectangular or radius cuts and more
  • Commercial-grade hardware is some of the toughest in the industry. Features include:
    • Opens and closes easily with less cranking
    • Provides top performance, even at the largest sizes
  • With Marvin Coastal Complete, coastal residents no longer have to sacrifice beauty for performance. Designed with the coast in mind with:
    • High-quality exterior cladding
    • Standard AAMA 2605 finish
    • Durable Fluropon® paint finish
    • All exterior fasteners are corrosion resistant
    • Most operating hardware available in stainless steel
  • Fully integrated shades with top-down/bottom-up functioning available in 15 colors

About Marvin Windows & Doors

Built on a heritage of quality and innovation, Marvin leads the industry in product design and function. Each product is made to order to meet your exact specifications. With their customization capabilities, exclusive innovations, high-performance energy efficiency options, and unmatched personal service at every point in the process, you’ll be able to find beautiful windows and doors for your project.

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  • Designed for performance and aesthetic quality, it features an opening that is wider than ever
  • The Ultimate Awning adds light to a room and provides better airflow and expansive, open views
  • For maximum visual impact and flexibility, the Ultimate Awning can be used on its own or as a complement to casement or picture windows
U-factor indicates how well a product prevents heat from escaping.

The lower the number, the better. To meet Energy Star requirements, windows must have a u-factor at or below 0.27.

U factor


Thermal performance is a rating on a scale of 4 of the overall energy performance of the product.

Thermal Performance

Visible transmittance refers to how much visible light comes through the product.

The higher the number, the more light is transmitted. VT values typically range from 0.30 to 0.70.

Visible Transmittance


Solar heat gain coefficient measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight.

The lower the number, the more it will help reduce the use of air conditioning and energy use. In cold climates, a higher SHGC is desirable to collect heat from sunlight. SHGC typically ranges from 0.25 to 0.80.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient


Marvin Windows and Doors are backed by a 10/20 year transferable warranty. The ten year protection covers stress cracks in the glass as well as all non-glass components. The twenty year period covers both exterior cladding finish and seal failure resulting in visible obstruction in the glass.