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About Andersen Patio Doors

Andersen is a well recognized and highly respected brand that has been producing windows and doors for over a century. Andersen’s sliding and french patio doors have distinct benefits, and the best choice for you will depend on your home layout, budget, and design aesthetic. Below is more information on the different aspects that make french and sliding doors from Renewal by Andersen attractive to many homeowners.Andersen patio doors installed on a wraparound porch

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are usually best suited for contemporary style houses due to their minimalist appearance, but the 200 Series Sliding Door from Andersen integrates sliding doors with traditional home styles by framing your maximized views in beautifully painted wood. The 200 series Perma-Shield gliding door is specifically designed with thin frames to let in as much light as possible and keep the focus on bringing the outdoors in.

Andersen has also uniquely combined the traditional French door style with the space-saving sliding door style in the 400 Series Sliding Door. This door is perfect if you don’t have the room to install a hinged French door, without having to compromise on the classic and elegant look that you desire.

Andersen sliding doors have an extremely low U-Factor compared to other sliding doors. U-Factor is an industry metric for heat transfer, which means that you can get the expansive views you want from full glass doors without seeing an uptick in your heating bills. These door are available in 2-panel and 4-panel configurations, as well as custom sizes. You are able to customize at every turn - wood species, finishes, grids, and hardware, to name a few options - so that your sliding patio door can perfectly suit the aesthetics of your home.

French Doors

French doors allow you to create a beautiful and timeless look in any room. With Andersen’s 200 Series French Door you can benefit from charm of wood doors, the long-lasting durability of fiberglass frames, and a budget-friendly price all in one. The 200 series inswing patio door is composed of a sturdy wood frame protected by fiberglass to prevent weathering and reduce maintenance. It is a hinged patio door that opens into the home to maximize the space of your patio or deck. It is available in single panel and 2-panel configurations, and is also highly customizable to suit your taste. Out of all of Andersen’s hinged door options, the 200 series French door has the most basic customization package, but if you value a sophisticated design over having a few more design options, the 200 series French door allows you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

Andersen is a trustworthy brand that has been established in the industry for decades and continues to be innovative when manufacturing their products. Any of Andersen’s patio doors installed by Renoviso offer a unique blend of classic design and modern upgrades.

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"Great team - professional and thorough!" - Kevin F.

"Renoviso made this process stress free and easy. I'm very happy with both the ease of setting up the project and the results. Bob and his crew hit it out of the park today. Great install, no drama and they did a great professional job quickly. Awesome!" - Phil C.

"Everything looks really good. Done on time." - Helen L.

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