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Sliding Patio Doors Guide

Glass patio doors are the perfect way to connect the indoors of your house to the outdoors. Sliding glass doors are simple in design but can redefine any home with more light and expansive views. Below is detailed information on the features, pros and cons, pricing, and other aspects of sliding glass doors to inform your patio door installation.Sliding patio doors

About Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding patio doors are a great way to bring natural light into the home and create an entryway in smaller spaces. The configuration consists of one door that remains fixed while the other slides over it to completely open up the home and increase ventilation.

Sliding Glass Door Materials

Sliding doors are usually manufactured in vinyl or wood, with vinyl or aluminum cladding on the exterior. Vinyl is the lower maintenance material, but wood provides greater structural integrity, so the best fit for you depends on your priorities and budget. Vinyl sliding doors are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood doors will be more expensive. Brands differ substantially in terms of the glass, blinds, and other customizable features they offer, so the product you choose also depends on the design options you are looking for.

Sliding Glass Doors Pros & Cons


  • Sliding doors tend to be an energy efficient option because they close with a tight seal against their frames.
  • Sliding doors are space saving because they do not need unobstructed space around them to open.
  • Sliding doors are most often chosen for the great views that their large and unencumbered glass panes provide.


  • Sliding doors do not open as wide as hinged doors.
  • Sliding doors offer fewer opportunities for personalization than french doors.

Sliding Glass Door Pricing

The price of sliding glass doors can vary by brand, frame material, size and additional features, but a general price range is between $2,000 and $5,000.

Here are the base prices of the brands offered for installation by Renoviso:

  • Harvey Classic Sliding Door - $2,049
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Sliding - $3,949
  • Pella Architect Sliding Door - $4,310
  • Renewal by Andersen Sliding Door - $2,799

Shopping for Sliding Glass Doors on Renoviso

Start by browsing windows below by brand and price point. Once you select a sliding glass door, you are able to customize all aspects of the door including size, color, screens, hardware, and more. Submit your project online or call us at 888.867.1660 to speak with a Project Consultant.

Sliding patio doors customer reviews

"Overall, I'm very pleased. The quality of the door is very good and the customer service is excellent." - Annette J.

"I am thrilled with the sliders and the installation. The men were wonderful! They arrived bright and early to discover that the doors hadn't been delivered. They made some phone calls and then waited patiently for about an hour. They were just great, and I enjoyed having them around. They worked very hard for hours! They encountered some problems caused by the poor installation of the old sliders, but they were able to problem solve and fix everything. I couldn't be more pleased. I am 100% happy." - Cindy P.

"The door install itself came out great. Initially one worker can out who was great and a pleasure to deal with. He uncovered some potentially structural issues after he removed the fascia board. He pointed out the issue, to which I agreed with his assessment. No one likes to spend more for a job but it was the right thing to do and I appreciate the fact he didn't cover it up and install the door. Those are the positives. The negatives are it was somewhat of a mess, they broke an outlet outside (which I have to replace) and cracked the skim coat while removing the trim." - Andrew L.

"Perfect installation! Addressed rot below existing door and upgraded the door to 8' for $200 additional. Done in a day and it made a huge difference. Thank you!" - Daniel S.

"They installed a patio door. They were great. I would use them again in future." - Richard Z.

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