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Awning Windows Guide

Awning windows are the perfect replacement window for increasing ventilation in your house while still protecting it from the elements. Whether you are interested in replacing an existing awning window or installing them for the first time, this guide will answer any questions you may have about this window type. Below you’ll find information about the operation of awning windows, how to recognize an awning window, pricing information, and more.

About Awning Windows

Awning windows are single sashed frames that are hinged at the top and open outward. Typically awning windows are wider than they are tall, and this aspect, combined with the way they open, is what creates the “awning” effect. The strongest appeal of awning windows is that they have greater ventilation potential than most other types of windows. They can remain open even in the presence of precipitation and the inside of your home will remain dry.

Awning Windows Pros & Cons


Specific features of awning windows will vary by manufacturer, but general pros are:

Awning windows are a popular design and as such come in a variety of sizes from manufacturers. They can be placed higher than other windows, letting in more air and light. Awning windows are easy to open from the inside, but they are also very secure and difficult to break into from the outside due to their opening mechanism. The biggest benefit for many homeowners is the fact that awning windows can ventilate a house, while at the same time keeping water out when it rains.


Due to the angled outward opening of awning windows, it is possible for them to become a potential hazard if they are near a patio or outdoor gathering area. Additionally, they also require more frequent cleaning than windows that open vertically.

How to Operate Awning Windows

Historically, awning windows were held open with a plank, like the hood of an old car, but awning opening mechanisms have improved over time to make the lives of homeowners easier. Awning windows now employ the crank mechanism, making them extremely easy to operate. The crank is controlled by using a fold down handle that glides the window open and closed. Due to the ease of operating awning windows, they are often found in harder to reach places, like over a kitchen sink.

Locating Awning Windows in Your House

The wide opening capability of awning windows makes them a great option for areas of the home that benefit from plenty of ventilation, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Awning windows are also frequently installed to brighten areas of a house, as they are generally unobstructed by grids and can let in more light. Interior screens are also compatible with awning windows due to their outward range of motion. For proper functioning it is recommended that there be unobstructed space on the exterior side of the window, so be mindful of trees and shrubs when choosing where to install an awning window.

Awning Window Prices

The price of awning windows can vary by brand, frame material and additional features, but a general price range is between $600 and $1,200.

Here are the base prices of awning windows offered by Renoviso, including installation:

  • Harvey Classic - $629
  • Harvey Majesty - $759
  • Integrity Wood-Ultrex - $869
  • Andersen 400 - $949
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate - $979
  • Pella Impervia - $999
  • Pella Architect - $999
  • Integrity All Ultrex - $1,119

Awning Window Materials

Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas frame materials such as wood and composite will be more expensive. The best type of awning window for your house will depend on your functional needs, design goals and budget. Awnings are a popular style due to their aesthetic appeal of unobstructed views and their functional value, so most brands offer multiple styles that can be customized to suit your house.

Shopping for Awning Windows at Renoviso

Start by browsing windows below by brand and price point. Once you select a window, you are able to customize all aspects of the window including size, color, screens, hardware, and more. Submit your project online or call us at 888.867.1660 to speak with a Project Consultant.

Awning windows customer reviews

"We are extremely happy with our windows and we're very impressed with the installers. Our job was not an easy one. They did a fantastic job and were extremely professional. To taking off their shoes when coming in the house or how clean they left the house after installing each window and making sure we were happy and everything was good before they left. You guys are lucky to have them on your crew. Overall we are very happy with the whole job." - Christopher T.

"Renoviso did a very good job of installing new windows in my house. Each person I dealt with was easy to work with. The workers were courteous, came when they said they would, worked very hard, and the office was easy to deal with when a mistake was made. I would recommend them." - Lisle K.

"Bob and his crew were quick and efficient. Installation went smoothly and the area was left clean." - David B.

"Very positive. Christopher was great to work with in making decisions about the windows and following up on the status of the MassSave loan. The installation went very smoothly." - Vivian H.

"Totally painless. For me that's the highest compliment I could give someone who comes into your house, verifies measurements, and is working in you house all day remove and installing windows. The email reminders were also very helpful." - Christopher D.

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