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Basement Hopper Windows Guide

Basement windows, also known as hopper windows, are most commonly installed in basements, as the name suggests, and swing open from a hinge on the bottom of the frame. This window style is important for bringing light and fresh air into a space of your home where this is particularly difficult to achieve. Below you’ll find information about how basement hopper windows operate, pricing, pros and cons, and more.

About Basement Hopper Windows

Hopper windows tilt down and can swing either into or out of the house. The downward tilt prevents dirt and dust from falling into your home. They are similar in design to awning windows but are hinged on the bottom to expedite airflow into rooms on the basement level. Hopper windows, as seen from the outside, are found near the foundation of the house due to their interior location near the top of basement walls. They can also be found above glass doors in older homes.

How to Operate Basement Hopper Windows

Hopper windows can open using the commonly employed crank mechanism or using a hinge, which makes them extremely easy to operate. The crank is controlled by using a fold down handle that glides the window open and closed.

Basement Hopper Window Materials

Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames will be more expensive. The type of hopper window that will work best for your house depends on your functional needs and budget. Wood windows are often chosen for aesthetic appeal. Vinyl and composite are generally subtle, white framed choices, and although composite fiberglass tends to be more expensive than vinyl, it is also more durable.

Basement Hopper Windows Pros & Cons


  • Hopper windows are an excellent way to ventilate the basement level.
  • They are also a cost-effective option for letting light into difficult to reach rooms.
  • Hopper windows are very secure.
    • They are difficult to break into from the outside because due to their opening mechanism.


  • Hopper windows need to be cleaned more often than windows that open vertically.
  • Careful thought may need to be applied to the landscaping around your house due to the unusual placement of hopper windows.

Hopper Window Pricing

The price of slider windows can vary by brand, frame material, size and additional features, but a general price range is between $400 and $500.

Shopping for Basement Hopper Windows on Renoviso

Start by browsing hopper windows below by brand and price point. Once you select a window, you are able to customize all aspects including size, color, screens, hardware, and more. Submit your project online or call us at 888.867.1660 to speak with a Project Consultant.

Basement hopper window customer reviews

"Great experience from the first call until the project was completed." - Patrick F.

"From the minute I called I knew I would work with this company. They responded to my calls and emails promptly, as well and answering all my questions. From choosing the type of windows through installation everything went smoothly. They were completely flexible with my schedule. After I had my windows done I recommended them to my condo association and they used Renoviso too. I highly recommend Renoviso and would use them again in a heartbeat." - Debbie S.

"Everyone was an excellent experience from the initial search to completion. I had no previous knowledge of this company and now I tell everyone about how wonderful they are. They are polite, professional , thorough and clean up when they're done." - Renate M.

"The experience was very good. The only thing I wonder about is that I paid to have wooden frames on 5 windows that were supposed to be in a natural state on the inside but came already painted white on the inside. If I had known that would happen, I would not have ordered the wood." - Lisle K.

"I never thought we'd be able to afford to replace all of the windows in our home at the same time. With the help of MassSave and Renoviso, the process was simple and fast. We are so pleased with how the windows have updated the look of our house and look forward to a much cozier winter without all the drafty windows we had before!"" - Kelly G.

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