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Bow Windows Guide

Bow windows are widely known as an elegant way in which to fill a room with light while also creating an architectural centerpiece. Installing this kind of window can increase the visual size of a room, while also improving energy efficiency. Featured below is detailed information on the pros and cons, price, and other aspects you’ll need to navigate your next window replacement project.

About Bow Windows

This window style is an elegant feat of architecture and design that extends out from the home and create expansive views. It consists of four or five windows that create the distinctive curved shape that often identifies this window. It is typically made up of casement windows, which open outward. It differs from bay windows, which are typically composed of three windows and form a hexagonal angle rather than a curved shape.

How to Operate

Bow windows are a collection of many casement windows. Casements open using a crank mechanism, which makes them extremely easy to operate. The crank is controlled by using a fold down handle that glides the window open and closed, and holds it open even in the presence of wind.

Location in Your Home

Bow windows are the focal point of any room they are found in, bringing in lots of natural light, increasing air circulation, and presenting large unobstructed views. They can be put in the front rooms of a home for curb appeal, or in bedrooms and other less noticeable areas to bring interest to other exterior areas of the homes. They are often accompanied by window seats on the inside.


Bow windows are commonly manufactured in vinyl, wood, as well as composite fiberglass materials, depending on the brand. Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames will be more expensive. The material you choose for your window will depend on your budget and style preferences. Brands differ substantially in the colors, grids, and other features offered, so the material you choose will depend on the design options you are looking for.

Pros and Cons of the Bow Window


  • It lets in more natural light than many other types of windows.
  • It has a lot of curb appeal and high return on investment.
  • It can be installed in a variety of of ways.
    • It even has the ability to wrap around the corner of a home and give two different views.


  • It can be expensive.
    • It is not only larger than most other windows, but is also labor intensive to install and specifically designed for each home.


The price of bow windows can vary by brand, frame material and additional features, but a general price range is between $5,000 and $7,000.

Here are the base prices of brands offered for installation by Renoviso:

  • Harvey Classic Bow - $4,999
  • Integrity Wood-Ultrex Bow - $5,199
  • Harvey Majesty Bow - $5,899
  • Marvin Clad Bow - $6,529

Shopping for Bow Windows on Renoviso

Start by browsing windows below by brand and price point. Once you select a window, you are able to customize all aspects of the window including size, color, screens, hardware, and more. Submit your project online or call us at 888.867.1660 to speak with a Project Consultant.

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