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Casement Windows

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Casement Windows Guide

Casements are a common window type, often found above kitchen sinks or behind couches. This comprehensive guide will help you determine if a casement is the right window type for your project. Below you’ll find information on how to operate this type of window, how to recognize this type of window, pricing details, and more.

About this Window Style

These windows are mad of a single sashed frame that is hinged at the side and opens outward. The height of these windows is typically greater than the width, in a similar fashion as double and single hung windows. They can be installed individually, as part of a pair, or as a group of multiple windows.

Operation Instructions

Casements open using a crank mechanism, which makes them extremely easy to operate. The crank is controlled by a fold down handle that glides the window open and closed, and holds it open even in the presence of wind.

Pros and Cons


  • Provide great ventilation.
    • They open wide instead of opening up like normal windows and can be angled to direct wind into the home.
  • Extremely energy efficient.
    • Seal very tightly against the weather stripping when they are shut, unlike windows that slide up and down along their weather stripping.
  • Easy to clean frames because the entire window can be opened away from the frame.


  • More expensive than other window styles.
  • Outdoor area around the windows must be unobstructed so the windows aren’t damaged when they are opened.
  • Limited in how large they can be, even with top tier hardware and installation.

Location in Your Home

The ventilation value of casements makes them a great option for areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Casement replacement windows are frequently installed to bring light into a part of the house, and are often located in living rooms and bedrooms for increased natural light and air circulation.


Pricing can vary by brand and depends on frame material, customizations and quantity, but a general price range for is between $600 and $1,200.

Here are the base prices of brands offered for installation by Renoviso:

  • Harvey Classic Single Casement - $699
  • Marvin Integrity All Ultrex Casement - $949
  • Andersen 400 Series Casement - $899
  • Pella Impervia Single Casement - $1019


Vinyl frames are typically on the less expensive side of the pricing spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames tend to be more expensive. The material you choose for your window will depend on your functional needs, design goals, and budget. Casements are popular due to their unobstructed shape and ability to bring the outdoors in, so brands often have multiple styles available for customization.

Shopping on Renoviso

Start by browsing products below by brand and price point. Once you select a window, you are able to customize all aspects of the window including size, color, screens, hardware, and more. Submit your project online or call us at 888.867.1660 to speak with a Project Consultant.

Customer Reviews

"Our experience was an excellent one. The key, to us, was Kerry Crowley. She was always there for us. She would answer our questions or respond to our concerns, either by phone or e-mail immediately. She was knowledgeable and fully understood the process. What a great PR person; she alone is the ultimate company representative! Her positive, up-beat demeanor, was unwavering. She was a joy to work with as our go-between-person!" - Ralph P.

"I found Renoviso on line and was intrigued with your ability to give a quote on line that pretty much ended up as the final agreement! Bravo to you. My first company contact was with Paul B. He was spot on with his professional approach and guided me through my replacement window project. Thank you Paul and thank you Renoviso for a job well done." - Russ W.

"Had five windows installed and they were installed with the highest professionalism and top quality. Jack Foley was amazing as he expertly installed our windows. We were impressed with his craftsmanship and Chris and Sara were great communicators. We will be doing business with them again." - Leonard D.

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Perfect combination of energy efficiency and price, available in a variety of colors and never needs maintenance.

1108 total ratings
“We replaced all windows in our house with Renoviso. They always came on time, completed work within time...” Read More
1108 total ratings
“We replaced all windows in our house with Renoviso. They always came on time, completed work within time...” Read More


Fiberglass composite windows resemble wood but easy to maintain like vinyl. Available in many colors and styles.


Traditional and elegant, yet the most susceptible to weather. Higher price but extremely customizable to your home’s style.

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