No one likes to be pressured to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with.   


Being pressured to purchase something is among the worst forms of pressure. When salespeople make you feel like you need to buy something immediately, or else it will run out, or the price will go up - it’s wrong.  


We’re normal people here at Renoviso, so we don’t like high-pressure sales. At all. Every member of our team has experienced high-pressure sales at some point. At a retail store, a car dealership, or on a renovation consult - high-pressure sales tactics don’t make anyone more inclined to buy. That’s the reason our founders created Renoviso.  


High-pressure sales is the norm in the renovation industry, and honestly, it’s a ridiculous and outdated way to get things done. For most renovation consults, contractors will come to your home and not leave until they have a signed contract. The tactics they take to get your signature are almost barbaric.  


Some may refuse to even leave your house if you don’t want to work with them. Think about that for a second. They. Won’t. Leave. How is this still a thing?!?! 


It absolutely sucks to be pressured into purchasing something - especially a renovation project.  


With Renoviso, you won’t be pressured. You have all the control. You create your project from the comfort of your own home (or office, or car, or wherever you are online), and are never pressured into a consult or installation. You have all the power, and that’s the way it should be.  


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